Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mountain gods

We started our morning at Grindstone Lake.  The lake sits in a beautiful location.  Folks were out fishing, stand-up paddling on kayaks and boating. We walked around the lake, which was fun. A woman walked by with three retrievers on leashes.  They enjoyed their walk. One dog had only three legs, but kept the pace just fine.

We drove next to the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort, which is on Mescalero Lake. This resort is operated by the Mescalero Apache Tribe.We liked the setting very much. I think it could be fun someday to stay there, and to have a carless resort experience. We walked part-way around the lake and enjoyed the view from the hotel.   We ignored the casino. Rain threatened but never made good on its threat.

We went to lunch at Casa Blanca, which sits, not suprisingly, in a white building.  We ordered the chicken enchilada lunch, a house special. The retaurant was swamped, with attendance for Labor Day weekend increased by quarter horse races at Ruidoso Downs, a country-music festival in Ruidoso, and the holiday weekend. We had a good time  sitting and talking and looking at the mountains out the window. Our food was good, with the chiles adding a subtle ,memorable flavor.  During our meal, someone from Ski Apache called me and got my information for our refund from the inability to take our zip line trip due to Friday weather.

After lunch, my wife dropped me off at Cedar Creek Trail in the Lincoln National Forest, on the edge of town. I walked for a couple of hours while she shopped for a couple of hours. It started raining at some point, but I had my rain-jacked in my backpack. I had a really good time. I saw lots of bird species, and enjoyed seeing the late Summer flowers like purple aster.

In the early evening, my wife sat on the cabin's front porch. She told me she saw the biggest buck she had ever seen. The buck was mot a buck but instead a young bull elk. It  was fun to watch him walk past.

We dined at Great Wall of China, which gave good service on a busy night and served good food. Now we are at our cabin, enjoying a restful evening.

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