Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Maple Drive book store

Yesterday morning I worked for a bit on a few projects, made a journal entry which subsequently proved more controversial than I had anticipated, and then went to Maple Drive bookstore. Maple Drive bookstore in Kansas City is one of those unsung little used bookstores, where tens of thousands of books are sorted in a fairly small lease space into appropriate categories, and placed on sale at appropriately small prices. I found three things that I wanted there in short order, two Trollopes and an Orne Jewett, so I did not spend as much time browsing as usual.

During the afternoon, my wife and I went to a mall to do a little post-Christmas shopping. The woman at the checkout counter in Dillard's told us that when the mall first opened, they had a literal count-down, after which literal hordes of shoppers rushed the store. It all sounded very much like one of those old time movies. I took my glasses to the frame store, to see if the latest malady I've inflicted upon them could be fixed, but learned that they are irrevocably broken, and must be replaced.
Fortunately, I have been able to wear an older set of glasses

My in-laws have one of those high technology television arrangements which allows them to pick up thousands of channels instead of the 80 or so we get at home with our cable connection. For some reason, the channel keeps straying over to a network called the Discovery:Wings channel, which seems to be about aircraft of every design. Rather than any human stars, the star of the shows seems to be that venerable WWII bombing apparatus, the Norden Bombsight. I have heard the old Janeane Garafalo joke about the History Channel being termed as the Hitler Channel. I think Discovery: Wings could easily be called the Norden Bombsight Channel.

We went with my wife's sister and her husband to a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant on Southwest Parkway last night. It's so nice to be in a nearly empty but charming restaurant, having a quiet discussion with people one likes.

This morning I came to review the comments to my last journal post. I suppose I knew that I was stating a set of ideas with which people would disagree. The vehemence of a few surprised me a bit, but I can understand, on review, just why. I am grateful that people took the trouble to set me straight on a couple of points, as I can see I must modify my thinking somewhat on the topic covered. I suppose it is unfortunate that it is my tendency to say what is on my mind at any given point, however inartfully (intended), and then refine my views as I learn from others. But it was a habit with me long before LJ, and has not really modified much since I have been on LJ. I am grateful that people took the time to comment.

Now I must get a few more things done before I take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow we drive to Tulsa for a short visit with relatives of mine, and then Sunday this holiday is over.

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