Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

8 twice

Tuesday the news brought word of the conviction of political operative Paul Manafort of eight criminal counts and the conviction of fixer Michael Cohen of eight criminal counts including committing campaign violations in concert with a candidate.  I believe that this may mark the beginning of the end of this current presidency. But time will tell.

I walked at lunch in Heritage Park. I like that it's a quiet sidewalk around baseball fields. Only one other regular Noon walker ever appears. I have not seen him in a month or two. We say hello as we pass as if we were acquainted. We never say more than hello.

My wife had a work dinner last night. I ate at Panera Bread. I thought it curious when the bread store lacked wheat bread at 6 p.m., but my wife latter assured me that this was understandable. My bowl of black bean soup was good. I forgot to order fruit instead of chips. When I saw the chips on my tray, I handed them back to the server.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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