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veggie delight 50x

Monday I worked a solid and productive day. I made an appointment for today at the optometrist's office down the shopping center street from my office. Our office move one door over, by the way, has so far been smooth.

After lunch at Potbelly's, I walked over to Vision Works. They have a 50% off sale. I usually find that eyeglass place sales roughly all produce the same price.  This time I intend to get simple, non-wire-frame plastic frames.  Once I get a prescription, I will go to the Vision Works near our home on  Friday evening or Saturday. I would go tomorrow, but my wife wants to help me choose. That's probably a good thing, because a second set of eyes is a good thing when one is getting an eyeful of glasses.

Last night I walked in the local park, Glendover. There were very few birds to see. I had seen more yesterday morning in A.R. Schell Park. I was checking on eBay as to whether the new Fujifilm zoom camera I ordered required me to buy a battery cable. I realized that the ad listing was contradictory, and  said in two places that the camera had the desired 50x optical zoom and in one place that it had 18x optical zoom. I wrote the seller, who promptly wrote back to contend he had never made the representation of 50x zoom. When I pasted the sections of the ad that said 50x zoom, I got a message back from the seller that seller wanted to check if indeed the camera was 50x zoom. I have not heard back yet.

I am not too worried, as the sum involved is small and my experience with eBay sellers is usually pretty good. Worst case, this seller will refuse to refund the money, I'll re-sell the item on eBay and take other appropriate action with eBay. But it is a hassle. I usually detect such oddness before I bid. I must have gotten ahead of myself.  Another camera I ordered came in, as advertised. I ordered a charger for it. I will use this second camera as a back-up. It is a Kodak AZ421.

My wife worked late last night. I got myself a subway sandwich. When I got my 12 inch veggie delight with a side of apple slices, the nice young woman behind the counter asked me how long I have been vegan. I told her I was not vegan. She seemed unconvinced that any non-vegan would order a veggie sandwich.  I've been intrigued how apple slices are not a bad substitute for baked chips.

A friend on WW Connect, a doctor, spoke of a rough day after call.  This plunged me into memory about my late father, often on call in a 2-doctor small town. I wonder how many, if any, doctors my small town has in it now.

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