Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Paul McKenzie Memorial

I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Rainier Drive Sunday morning. At Weight Watchers I was up a bit. I went to Suncreek United Methodist Church, because Reverend Milton Guttierez was preaching. He told an amusing story of his boyhood in New Orleans, and of choosing to portray a cowboy named The Baby Jesus in a game with friends.

I ate a grilled chicken sandwich and chili for lunch. In the late afternoon, my wife and I attended the memorial service for my wife's friend and former co-worker Paul. He died of cancer at 40. Paul was very active in small theater.  The memorial was at Rover Dramawerks, a small playhouse in Plano. Paul designed costomes, which were hung on the walls. His friends eulogized him in story, with two well-sung songs, and b showimng videos filled with pictures. It was upbeat, musical and touching. Paul directed lots of plays, and encouraged the people who spoke to act in them. He designed Elvis customes for all his friends to wear on 4th of July on what I assume to be the Las Vegas Strip.

In the evening we watched Agatha Raisin episodes.

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