Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the failure

Beatrice and I went for an early morning walk. She really enjoyed the more temperate morning. We walked a bit extra. When I came home, I tried to move a 32 GB of photos from my phone SD card to my laptop.  This proved to be an error, as my laptop's hard drive failed in the middle of the operation.

My wife and I drove our cars to Car Care Central, where we dropped off her car for service. We went to her eye doctor, where we discussed her computer-use prescription with an optician. We went to Target, which had generated non-compliant computer glasses frames. We drove home, where I found the hard drive on my computer had crashed. I put Puppy Linux on a USB stick to confirm that the issue was the drive and not something else. I found that I could "see" the offending hard disk from my Puppy install, but could not access it.

We went for lunch at Market Street, where I had smoked turkey, greens, and corn. In the afternoon, I drove to MIcrocenter, where I found a new 240 GB SSD for $ 40, a 50% discount.  My wife went to dinner with a former co-worker, while I went for fish at Chicken Express. From 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., I installed the SSD drive. From 8 to 9 I installed Q4OS Linux onto the new hard drive. Then I configured the various software that I enjoy onto the install. I still need to add some things, and to add the Windows programs I like to run through WINE. But I am very happy with my new install of Q4OS Scorpion.  The new installation was something I needed to do, as my prior install, based on Debian Jessie, was nearing its end-of-life. The prior SSD drive was one of the few such drives that have ever failed on me.

I tried to connect it via USB with a holder tonight, in hope that I could recover the few documents,the goodish number of photos, and the songs I kept on it. While a few of the documents were not backed up, the vast majority of what I had on that computer were things for which I have backiups or duplicates. I was not able to get it to work yet, but I will try to sort it out.

My wife came home at 9 and we re-watched last night's episode of "The Great British Baking Show". She had fallen asleep during last night's episode.

Today I finished Stephan Mohamed's novel "Fallen Leaves". I really enjoyed this novel about an intrusion of the supernatural into a mundane day-to-day. This is the second good novel I have read in DRM-free ebook from the UK press Salt Publishing.

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