Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Diva, the sun and the things going on

Today the weather proved as hot as predicted. I read nothing to advise me whether we reached a high. I put into effect my plan to get all my exercise in the morning. I walked Beatrice first thing this morning. We saw Beatrice's friend Diva and her owner. Beatrice's one canine friend said hello to Beatrice, who said hello back, if the quick touching of noses amounts to "hello". 

A man fished at the pond. At his feet were a hound puppy and a boxer mix puppy on leashes. Somehow they figured out a way to break free of the hold upon their leashes. They ran to inspect Beatrice. I worried that a particular Beatrice trait I refer to as "junkyard dog" might result. The "junkyard dog" term refers to a cinematic snarling which Beatrice exhibits in times of unwanted canine opposition.

But Beatrice showed mostly a kind of tolerant uncertainty. The fisherman came and apologized and retrieved his puppies. The puppies, on the other hand, enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

I saw 11 bird species on that walk, including a Blue Jay whose photograph I added to my collection. Beatrice and I took 1 hour and 5 minutes on that walk. Beatrice used to spend 25 to 30 minutes on that walk.

After I deposited Beatrice at home,  I went for a mid-morning walk on the Watters Branch Trail, This time I saw 12 bird species on the walk. The weather remained pleasant until near the end of that walk.  I got a shower, and ate a grilled chicken sandwich and chili from Wendy's. I worked a bit this afternoon on an interesting work  matter. I worked on vacation planning and made real progress.  We dined at El Pollo Loco this evening, after experiencing the extreme heat on our way in and out of the car. I made plans for some business travel tomorrow.

I spoke with my sister for nearly an hour. I was glad to get caught up.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.
I watched a bit of the Adam West/Burt Ward version of "Batman", which is one of my favorite super-hero films.

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