Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

10 species

Sunday morning I walked, I went to Weight Watchers, I walked, I went to church, and then I went to lunch.

In the early afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park. I saw 15 different species of bird life in the park. I play a passive game when I walk. I set a goal of seeing 10 different species each walk. The number 10 lacks any specific basis.  10 is not a huge number for a birding walk. On a given day, fewer than 10 bird species sometimes appear. But I like the game quality of aspiring to see 10 species each time I walk.

I spent hours Sunday afternoon trying to set up the perfect vacation. I used parameters my wife and I set up.  I found lots of great options. I failed to find the perfect option. I left the task unsolved. I rode my car to Green Park and walked some more.

Sunday evening we watched PBS mysteries and a spot of Harry Potter movies.

Monday the heat came up as the first day of what looks to be a ten-day heat wave. I walked in Glendover Park after work. I saw 11 species. The Mallards and the American Coot remain absent.  I think this goes with the dead of Summer, though the coot in the past stayed at the pond.  Monday evening we ate home-made sugar cookies.

Tuesday I walked at Travis Farm Park at lunch.  I saw 5 species. The new residential construction at the neighboring field proceds apace. I find myself missing that open field of grass. I ate soft chicken tacos for lunch.

This evening I walked in Glendover Park. I saw 10 species.  We ate salmon and couscous.

I looked at my Glendover Park bird list on I saw that I am up to 54 species at this little park this year, of some 97 species I counted in the entire county.  This week I added the Eurasian Collard Dove to reach 54.  I anticipate perhaps reaching 60 species. In any given month, I see more than 20 and less than 30 species. But the seasons change and so do the species. Summer, the slowest time, still has species I see most in Summertime.

The news fills volume with the follies of President Trump, a man who conjures images of Millard Fillmore, the Know-Nothing Party and bad reality television.

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