Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bus of kids and a shorter circuit

Saturday I took Beatrice for an early morning walk.

Our usual route is to walk down the street to Glendover Park. Then we walk to the little park pond, and go around the pond. Saturday she decided to take a less regular route. We spent 40 minutes walking, but most of it was concentrated in the open spaces that sports team us for practice.

I liked when we came upon the elderly woman who was sitting on the sidewalk in her walker's seat, just enjoying the morning. Beatrice went up to her, sniffed a bit, and offered her head up to be petted. It was a gentle and yet not particularly touchy-feely moment.

I drove later Saturday to Bonham State Park, an hour away in Fannin County. I took a mildly off-path route to get there, starting on highway (or farm road) 5. I liked when I passed the little Christmas tree farm.

I like Bonham State Park because it features cross-timbers forest surrounding a small lake. I like the walk on its shady trail. I listed out the 10 birs I saw, of which the most colorful was a Painted Bunting.

I dined on fish at Chicken Express on my way home. In the afternoon, I created a new song for a ccMixter Secret Mixter event, using the good samples by mixter Onlymeith, who is from Spain. I used the Noiser software to mash things up and Audacity to finalize the mix.

I also used Sawcutter, a software synth, to create two new songs. I found this very relaxing.

Saturday evening we ate Mexican food at Holy Frijoles.

Sunday morning  I walked on the Chisholm Trail, went to Weight Watchers, walked in Shawnee Park, and went to church.
I ate lunch at Taco Bell after a Wendy's had a long line of kids from a church camp bus.  Sunday early afternoon
I walked in Glendover Park. Sunday late afternoon I rode my bicycle to Green Park and walked there. 

Sunday evening we watched "agatha raisin" and "endeavor" on PBS. Also, this weekend I watched "tomorrowland", which I liked pretty well.

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