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Monday I sorted out several things at once. I stayed up late watching the Summer adventure movie "National Treasure".  I find this kind of popcorn movie silly and yet diverting. Yet re-watching it until midnight proved a wearying experience in a physical sense.

On the way to work, I walked in A.R. Schell Park in Plano. I saw a little chihuahua-like dog who had apparently passed away. I saw no signs of injury. I felt sad to see the dog lying prone, looking pristine.

Today I met a series of deadlines. When my assistant called to say he might be late due to an unavoidable reason, I worried we would fall behind. But we got a world of things done.

At lunch today my partner and I took our Summer intern to lunch. She is about to be a senior in high school. She is in the midst of college selection.  She was very articulate and self-aware, while still being roughly 17. At 17, I was full of ideas and a kind of philosophical dreamy sophistication, but I was largely impractical and had no real aspirations other than attending the state university. I hope our intern gets her dream admit, and yet if I were her age I might go to a regional state university rather than even the largest university in my small state, as I did. I am

Tonight my wife and I went to Zoe's Kitchen for salmon kebabs. Now we are watching a PBS show about 10 towns which changed America.
I like the utopian visions that went into some, even as I am revolted by the developments run like company stores.

I am glad to have the day off tomorrow.

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