Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

infinity and avocado tostadas

Friday evening we went to Silver Thai. It's our "go to" Thai place, but we had not been there for months. I had the spicy bahmee big bowl soup with monsoon rolls.

Saturday a bad dream woke me at 3 in the morning. In the dream, the late actor Larry Hagman, looking like his late-in-life television portrayal of J.R. Ewing, aimed a shotgun at me.  This dream probably had a source in waking life.  The news disclosed the tragic news that a Baltimore community newspaper's employees were shot by a man with a shotgun. The man held a grudge against the newspaper for accurately reporting the man's legal troubles for being a harasser.  This shooting hit home, because the visual of him shooting through an office door seemed so
sadly relatable.

I suffered from a bit of insomnia after I woke up Saturday due to my dream. I got up at 7 and walked Beatrice. It was good to get out before the heat came up. She enjoyed the walk. For the second weekend in a row, neither Mallards nor the American Coot were at Glendover Pond. I hope they are well and happy at the nearby Twin Creeks duck pond.

In the late morning, I walked at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I originally intended to go further afield, but some inner promptling suggested I go to this familiar park instead. I had a good walk. I listened to the Music Manumit podcast, which had an interview with Creative Commons musician Westy Reflector.  I saw 18 species of bird. The most memorable were young Green Herons.

I had two chicken legs from Chicken Express for lunch. Then I went to Classic Cuts at Alma and Spring Creek in Plano for a haircut. On the way, I stopped and re-calculated a work deadline. I reached the same answer I had when first calculated that deadline.

The woman cutting my hair said it had been a while since i had been in. She said the last time I had been in, she and I discussed bitcoin. I generally have a skeptical view of cyber-currencies, so I am surprised to have discussed one with her, but she is probably right that I did. She did a good job cutting my hair. I like chain haircut places because one can tip liberally given the low haircut price and ensure one's hair-cutter gets sufficiently paid.

In the late afternoon, I rode the short bicycle ride to Green Park. I walked there for 45 minutes, seeing 8 species. I took pictures of Blue Jays. We ate Mexican food at Papa Lopez in Allen. Our waitstaff help was great. I enjoyed my chicken enchiladas, while my wife enjoyed her chicken and avocado (one of each) tostadas.

We drove to the movie theater in McKinney to see the film Avengers: Infinity War. I liked the movie quite well, but I disliked that although the film weighed in at 149 minutes, it did not wrap up its story. I like movies, and in particular long movies, to resolve their stories.
I suppose that Lord of the Rings, like Little Dorrit, should have been a single 12 hour film if I apply that logic liberally.

At home, I watched part of a rerun of the Vicar of Dibley and went to sleep.

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