Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Pat's garden and the garage door

Saturday afternoon a service technician came to fix our garage door. The door had been inconsistent in its working.He diagnosed that the sensors were flawed. He replaced them, and also tightened up and lubricated the door components.  The garage door now works well once again. It has required service twice in 16 years,which is not terrible.

Late Saturday afternoon I rode my bicycle to Green Park and then walked in Green Park. I like that short bicycle ride--it's a few miles, and feels like a bicycle ride, but it's short enough that one reaches the destination quickly.

Saturday night we rented the movie "A Wrinkle in Time" through the on-demand feature on our television.  We liked the movie. I read how lots of people did not like the movie, but we do not agree with them.  I also read lot of social media trolling by folks who felt the movie's lack of financial success somehow served as as indictment of its director and casting. Atlhough I suppose box office success is one useful indicia of a film's situation, I nonetheless disliked the thinly or not-thinly veiled racism and sexism in the comments. It reinforced my general rule about not reading the comments.

I do not really follow soccer,but I am glad Mexico beat Germany in a World Cup match. I also watched part of the Arkansas Razorbacks'  win over Texas at the College World Series. Anytime my alma mater defeats Texas is a good thing.

Sunday early afternoon I walked from Bethany Lakes Park to Story Park and back down Edelweiss toward Bethany Lakes Park, including the little wetlands path along the creek. I saw 17 species of birds, but no first-of-year species. I liked that Pat's Garden, the little planting of blooming flowers in memory of a departed woman named Patricia, is planted again. I saw no butterflies,but I assume they will come soon.

I went to sleep early last night. I woke up and wrote out a couple of checks for payments to mail out today.

The new mixed birdseed is more popular than the thistle seeds.

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