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Things remain busy here. Yesterday I had to drive up to Arkansas and back in one day to have a meeting. Once I had had the short meeting, I was glad I did, as my personal review of the matter--a spot of carpentry--required my presence. I worked a little before I left, and had a number work calls on my hands-free cell phone system.  In the evening, I stopped at Sulphur Springs, to walk in Coleman Park. Sulphur Springs is a small city, with 16,000 people but its city park is a large, great place.  I love to stop there and walk when I am northeast Texas.  Wednesday night I liked the rabbits, the swallows, the Brown Thrasher, and the birdsong. I ate a Subway sandwich for a very late lunch and Church's chicken for a later-than-late dinner. It was your basic 520 miles driven day.

Monday and Tuesday were similarly full of effort, though no travel was involved. I seem to fall asleep with movies playing on television. This is not an altogether bad thing.

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