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The space from Sunday to Sunday

I post after a week of intense work. I had some business in downtown Dallas that occupied my time during the days on Monday through Thursday.  The work was fascinating, but like all of my work, not a particularly good thing for a weblog post.  I can say it involved a lot of waking up at 5 a.m. and a lot of working into the evening.

On Wednesday morning, I managed to leave my little 11.5" work laptop case outside my car while I gathered some boxes onto one of those metal box mover two-wheel things. I was sad about this for a while.  The laptop is a refurbished one I got on eBay, and its password protection meant nobody could access its data easily. So it had neither market value nor secret information.  The bag it was in was one I picked up in a thrift store. But I am attached to this laptop, having configured it for my purposes and used it successfully. Thursday morning I went to seek out lost and found, who professed not to have it. But Friday, after my meetings were over, a parking garage company called to say they had it. We sent a messenger to retrieve it, as I was swamped with work Friday after four days out of the office.  My wife's friend from her job at Verizon was kind enough to take her from the dentist home and to stay until I arrived home on a hectic Friday on which I would have preferred to do that shuttle service but could not.

After four days of lunches that were closer to working than to my usual lunches, it was nice to walk in the park at lunch on Friday. In Breckinridge Park, I saw a Bobcat walking along the creekside area.

My wife was resting Saturday after a dental procedure. We also had a team of folks coming in to replace our upstairs installation and to clean out all of our heating and air system.  We kept Beatrice from all the interesting dust being kicked up by sitting on our tiny back patio. I walked a bit in Glendover Park. I dropped off both of our dry cleaning.

I stopped by the new ice cream store, Cones and Cakes, to pick up a coffee milkshake for my wife. She was on a dentist-imposed short-term "liquid diet" and a milk shake tasted good to her.  The woman behind the counter, roughly a high school senior or a college freshman, was a bit late getting the store open. But her milkshake making work ethic still shone through.

In the late afternoon, I walked in Towne Lake Park in McKinney. I think of this park as a place where I "feel at home".  I walked in its nature trail area and also around the lake. I listened to my cousin's podcast, the Geddie/Dunn Show. They discussed the sad suicides of designer Kate Spade and chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain. I find both situations very sad, and have little in the way of quotables or tidy things to say about either situation.

I saw a goodish few birds.When I logged into eBird to list out my sightings, I saw this was the first time I have visited this park this year. It's sad, in a way, to have a park that feels like "home ground" and yet fail to visit it for most of 6 months.  I take a lesson from that about enjoying the nearby fond places.

As I walked, I thought of an old friend whom I met in college but with whom I am still very close today.  By coincidence, later that afternoon, my friend sent me a message through a facebook app celebrating our friendship. We first met 39 years ago. Sometimes I get that feeling that my reading convinces me that lots of people get--the feeling that lots of my relationships other than family relationships only move forward if I do the reaching out and contacting.  This exchange of messages on Saturday was very pleasant, in that my friend reached out to celebrate our friendship.

Sunday evening I watched once more the old movie "Bell, Book and Candle", which, to my thinking, is more of an inspiration for the television show "Bewitched" than is "I Married a Witch".  On the other hand, it has been years since I saw any of "I Married a Witch", and I am pretty sure that I did not see the whole thing even then.

I dined on smoked turkey, turnip greens, lima beans and a dinner roll last night. My dreams are active and reflect the after-effects of intense stress and work. I was dreaming of playing a variant of the game Battleship this morning.  I lan to largely take Sunday off, as I try to get the rest I did not get during last week. Monday I return to a full slate of things to do.

I will go to Weight Watchers today. Lately, I have been losing weight when I do not mean to lose weight. I am a pound below the floor my doctor provided me. I wish I could say that this means I look svelte and toned, but in fact, I look like a couple of years of abdominal muscle exercises would be in order.  I want to gain a pound to two to my floor weight, and then stay at the same weight.  The weight I am now returned me to the mythical 25 bmi figure. But 25 v. 26 is not a huge deal--it's all numbers.

The President of the United States appears to be needlessly alienating our country's allies at the G7 economic summit. I am concerned that his use of a rusty hatchet when a scalpel is required could lead to the world-wide economic devastation that can result, Smoot-Hawley fashion, from an ill-advised trade war. But I hope that things will not reach that point. There are some points about trade and ensuring workers in this country and in the third world  get a fair shake that could be addressed with subtle, fair-trade principles--but Mr. Trump's approach suggests he lacks any intention to gently address those, and instead wants to be a curmudgeon without portfolio.
A friend from church posted on Facebook that he supports a different city council run-off candidate than I support. But he did not change my mind. The one I support favors mass transit, solar power and community-building. Those are good things in my suburb. Both candidates are good candidates, though, which is a comfort in this area, which can generate agenda-laden old-guard folks who seem like something from the late 19th Century.

Yesterday we watched once more the Clint Eastwood film "Hereafter". I like films that explore the idea of an afterlife.I appreciate this quiet, off-beat movie. We also watched an episode of "sex and the city", which was okay as light entertainment but shows its age as a piece of a particular time and place more than I would have expected this soon.  On reflection, since it is very much a topical show, I should have expected its aging. I recall recently watching "MASH" the movie,and finding is ad lib method is still intoxicating, but its unrelenting celebration of toxic sexism annoying.

Today it will be nice to have a quiet day in a straightforward routine.

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