Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Watters Branch and then work

I woke up early. I walked from my home to the Watters Branch Trail starting at 7 a.m. I walked two and a half miles in two hours. I saw 17 bird species. I came back via Ridgeview Road, The new park, Spirit Park, remains under construction. It is due to be finished this Summer.

I threw the tennis ball for Beatrice. Then I got some lunch at Chicken Express--fried fish with green beans. I stopped by the uniform store to see my nephew, who is an owner/manager. I got to see my brother as well. It was nice.

I started work at 12:45 and worked until the end of the day. In the early evening, we went to Firewater Grill for dinner. I had a tomato basil flatbread.  We sat outdoors. A jazz-rock band in the distance played "The World is a Ghetto".

Tonight I watched part of the second Harry Potter movie (yet again), and now am ready to further relax.


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