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weekend activity

Saturday morning I headed to the Heard Natural Science Center. I love the Heard. It's several hundred acres of hike-able woods and wetlands about 15 minutes' drive from our home. We buy an annual membership there each year. I love going there to walk. I go less often than my enjoyment of the place would lead one to expect.

I got there at 9:30 and began to walk the trails. When I came around a bend, I saw a large raptor fly.  I looked and saw a Barred Owl perched on a nearby branch. 

Barred Owl

I watched the owl. The owl watched me. The owl also watched another birder who watched the owl.  Then the owl flew away. The other birder and I spoke as we walked. His name was Al. He described a recent birding expedition with the kind fellow who is president of our local Audubon Society.

We walked on to the boardwalk over the  temporal wetlands. I told him I was there to see the Prothonotary Warbler that I see every year there.

When we first arrived, we heard a Northern Parula, another lovely warbler. We got a good luck at him, but I did not get any pictures.
As we watched, we got good views of several Prothonotary Warbler. It was practically a clerk's office of Prothonotary Warblers.

Prothonotary Warbler

We watched birds, watersnakes and turtles. As we walked off the boardwalk into the open fields, Al was kind enough to identify some dragonflies for me. We had a good time birding together. We parted when I wanted to walk the short Hoot Owl Trail while he understandably was ready to head in.

I got myself soft chicken tacos for lunch. In the mid-afternoon, I walked in neighboring Glendover Park.

Saturday night we went with my wife's friend Kathy and her platonic friend Rick and our friend Donna to Aboca. Aboca is one of those unpretentious well-done traditional Italian/American cafes.  I enjoyed my minestrone and chicken pomodoro.

Sunday morning I was just beginning my walk when a rain fell. As i did not have my rain jacket, I got back in my car and drove around while listening to the radio gardening show.

I was down 2/10th of a pound, though I am no longer trying to lose weight. I suppose 2/10th is close enough to not losing weight.
I went to church at Suncreek UMC. This was their confirmation Sunday, when kids of 12 or so first join the church. I was impressed by the huge extended families that came for their confirmands. I do not recall anyone but my mother and perhaps my father at my confirmation as an United Methodist, but perhaps there was others and I no longer recall.

Sunday in the early afternoon I went to work. I got a lot done. Before  I began, I drove through Breckinridge Park. The birds were gathered on the wires near the drive to the park--Eastern Bluebirds, Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers, Barn Swallows and Western Kingbirds.
Early evening Sunday I walked Beatrice. She chose that we should walk by the school rather than by the park pond.
Though it was warm rather than sweltering hot, the hour walk was a lot for Beatrice. She rested and was fine, but I must remember to keep he walks confined to cool days.

Sunday night we finished "Little Women" on PBS. I loved that book as a child, and now I wish to read it again.

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