Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

new TV and a memorial

Yesterday was my wife's birthday.  This begins the 88-day annual phase in which we are the same age. The rest of the year I am "one year older".

I'm worn out, a bit, from work, but pleased to pitch in again to get more done. I'm halfway through my current science fiction read, Spencer Ellsworth's "shadow sun seven".

Our bedroom television stopped working last week. We had had it for years. We replaced it with a Samsung from Microcenter. I like that televisions used to seem huge if they were 27", but now 27" is no longer a huge television. I think this one is 40". It has very high definition. I hope it lasts a dozen years or more in the way one of our televisions lasted.

Lately I jointed Instagram. it's a good place. I dislike that one must post from a mobile app. I have the same experience with Weight Watchers' Connect social media (the most re-affirming place on Earth). I prefer to post from a computer, though I find on my current phone I am more willing to post from a mobile app than before I got it.

I read about someone I went to high school with who passed away too young. He was a year ahead of me, but I do not remember him. I only went to the high school from which I graduated for two years, so I did not know all the people in the school very well. A woman I did know in high school posted a nice note on Facebook about her fond memories of the fellow, after someone posted his obituary in a Facebook group that tracks such memorials for my school.  The high school I graduated from no longer exists, due to school consolidation. It's another memory.

I will sort more things out today, tomorrow, and probably Saturday.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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