Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

28 and nighthawk and grilled hamburgers on whole wheat buns

Saturday marked our 28th wedding anniversary.  We marked the day with a dinner at the Bonefish Grill. I like to order to Rainbow Trout with a grilled lemon. On our actual wedding day, the Kansas grass was Spring-green and the day was slightly rainy. We exchanged cards and had a lovely evening.  I made my card with TuxPaint, the children's art program.

On Saturday morning I walked in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco, heading north to Harold Bacchus Park and back again. I saw my first Common Nighthawk of the year. I took pictures of thistle in bloom. I like thistle.

Sunday morning I took young Beatrice, age 16+, for a walk. She still enjoys a walk in the park, though she no longer sets a North American land-speed record with her pace. Once upon a time, she could traverse the park in a bit under 30 minutes. Today she took closer to 55. A Barn Swallow stood sentry on a wire.

We met a few other dogs. With each, Beatrice studiously pretended not to notice them. From long years of knowing Beatrice, however, I know that she knew everything there was to know about each of these over-eager pretenders to her future friendship. She simply preferred not.

At church the Reverend jessica Wright told us of her mother who rented out the family dining room so that a newly-divorced man could have a formal address at which he could have visitation with his daughters.

Both Saturday and Sunday involved some work, which may continue into Sunday night.

Today I walked in Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw my first Green Heron of the year. I also walked in Green Park, where I took photos of a Blue Jay.

Tonight we ate hamburgers and watched the first episode of the new version of "Little Women".

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