Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

loneliness has a featureless face

My artist friend kenmora offered to do a cover for the novel I wrote in November and plan to self-publish. I really like it, as it captures exactly what my book is about. So I thought it might be fun to post this link to the cover in his journal to show it off. Thanks, Ken!

I'm still working out how to print it up. I may put it in magazine form in an 80 page or so saddle stitch, so that I can easily copy it and not have to use a "fancy" mode of print on demand. I may put it up as an LJ. I may make it an adobe. We'll see, but Ken's work makes me hanker to do an actual old fashioned pulp paperback!
I found a small printer (you know, my personal credo, next to "life is too short", is probably "small is good"), and may have to go that route.

Meanwhile, I'm reading sun_set_bravely's nanowrimo novel. We had agreed to exchange drafts before either of us had really started ours. What fun! She really had a lot of fun with hers, and now I am having fun reading it. It's chock full of action, and spunky "wild women".

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