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Friday I left work at three. I drove to DFW Airport. I caught the 5:20 flight to Tucson. On the flight I read a novel by Willa Cather. A man in a taxicab drove me up into the Catalina foothills. I had dinner with my wife, her step-mother and my niece. I ate cheese pizza and salad. It tasted great.

Saturday morning I took an early morning neighborhood walk. I saw Cactus Wrens, Lesser Goldfinches, a Vermillion Flycatcher, Verdin, House Finches, and a Greater Roadrunner. I walked in a kind of loop down one hill and up another. The uphill part had me pausing and gasping.

Saturday late morning I walked in Rillito River Park. Rillito River is a Tucson park with a miles-long bike-and-hike trail following the seasonal Rillito River. Palo Verde trees were in bloom. I liked the Anna's Hummingbird that displayed nearby. I wondered what kind of lizard had a long black-and-white tail. I later learned it bore the appropriate name Zebra-Tailed Lizard.
I met my wife, our niece and my wife's step-mother at Fini's, a seafood place. I had something called a Flounder Dog. It did not contain much in the way of flounder, but instead a sliced frank. I wondered if the flounder title referred to a movie.

In the afternoon, while her step-mother rested, my wife and I took our niece to Tono Chul Botanic Garden. As we drove down from the foothills, we came upon a yearling Bighorn Sheep. We did not expect to see it in a suburban area. They usually are in the Putsch Wilderness. It had a tracking collar on, helping science progress.

This cactus-dominated garden is always a fun time. I liked the art display by the man who creates metal, wood and glass places to put his desert photographs upon.

We watched the sun set slowly over the Tucson Mountains, creating mild yellow and red colors.
In the evening, we all went to El Cisne, a Mexican place. I had chicken enchiladas verde. It was good.
At night, we played pool. I had not played in years. We played two against two of traditional solids/stripes 8-ball. When my wife's step-mother bowed out to get some rest, we played a game new to me I looked up on the internet. It was called Cuthroat, and it worked perfectly as a three-handed game.

Sunday morning I walked in the neighborhood again. I saw a Curve-Billed Thrasher as well as other species. In the mid-morning, I drove down to Speedway on Swan, ending up at a Weight Watchers 10:30 a.m. meeting. I liked the talk the leader gave, about treating oneself with the care and solicitude one would use in dealing with a best friend. The people seemed nice at the meeting. They did not wear name tags.
I went to the Rillito River Park trailhead at Swan. Lots of trees were in bloom, as well as various susans. I got great pictures of a Vermillion Flycatcher.

In the afternoon, I stopped in a library to upload my pictures to a hosting site.

In the evening, we ate boiled shrimp, salad and potato. We played pool again and had a great visit. The whole Arizona trip was quick but great.

This morning, my wife and I got up at 4:30 a.m. We caught our 7 a.m. flight. I worked this afternoon. After work, I was delighted to come home to my wife and to Beatrice.  I picked up a salad for my wife and a turkey plate for myself from Market Street. Late in the evening, I walked in the park in the dark.

Today I learned that LJ member bardcat passed away. He was a good fellow. We stayed in contact a bit through Facebook. He came to visit in Texas a couple of times, and went on walks with me. After his retirement, he developed an interest in watching birds. I was sorry to hear of his passing, though I knew he was in hospice. He wrote books about grace.

Today also the horrible news of pedestrians being murdered by a truck in Toronto succeeded Sunday's news of a senseless Waffle House mass shooting. The world is in need of more grace.

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