Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

shy dogs and new potatoes

Wednesday we all took a long lunch. We drove to the Dallas Athletic Club. We had a lunch in honor of my law partner.  I liked the pork loins and new potatoes I had for lunch. We all spoke of the good things about our firm. It was nice.

Wednesday evening I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. The park walk is a mile and 3/10ths, perhaps. When Beatrice was a younger dog, this walk took 30 minutes, with almost stop-watch precision. But now it takes longer. Last night was on the longest side--64 minutes. Part of this is her being slow but I think part of this is her seeing the virtue in stopping and smelling, if not the roses, pretty much everything else.

I liked seeing the various dogs we passed and ignored: the over-sharing bulldogs, the awkward sitting corgi mix, the two shy chihuahuas, and the painfully-eager white terrier.  Beatrice is my little introverted friend.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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