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Sunday morning a chill breeze blew. I walked before Weight Watchers. I walked after Weight Watchers. I had catfish and green beans after church. After lunch I walked in Bethany Lakes Park. I was surprised that the Blue-Winged Teal was the first I'd seen this year. My annual count for Collin County on eBird is at 72.

in the afternoon, I got some family busness paperwork done. I got a text about a solution to an issue still in progress. I mailed off some payments and filed a filing thing.

Today we met a deadline on work, and got some more matters progressed. I hope to make more progress tomorrow, after my annual physical.

After a chilly weekend, the weather today was bliss. I walked in little Green Park after work, after I had some fried chicken and green beans,.

I am glad that "Call the Midwife" and "Supergirl" are showing new episodes.

I read a magazine article about Reality Winner, the super-intelligent young woman from Texas who got indicted for leaking a top secret document to a publication. I think that some things are indeed top-secret, and I am not in favor of folks making DIY determinations to leak something when fhe something being leaked is not a life-saving thing to leak. Still, I feel badly for Ms. Winner, even if I do not at all fall in the "leaking is never bad" camp. But what shocked me most about the article was that the news site to which she leaked the Russian interference information actually showed the leaked document to the federal officials. The article states that the government used a printer strip to track down the printer and this led to Ms. Winner. If this is all true, then the press site committed a grievous wrong, outing a source.
I must read more on this case to understand if this is the situation.

I like birdseed. It attracts birds.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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