Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lemon and bea

Tuesday morning I got something I wanted to get in the mail off to Little Rock. The weather here turned super-pleasant. We are now in that familiar annual April pattern--warm weekdays and chilly weekends. Texas Bluebonnets bloom in the fields. Cedar Waxwings fly in large flocks from berry-filled bush to berry-filled bush.

I like the software Okular, because it allows one to write on .pdfs even if they are not fillable forms. I've been listening on my cell phone to the radio station Midland 103, a station from the rural middle part of Ireland. While I walked in Shawnee Park last night, the head of the concrete assocation was discussing the possible effects of Brexit on its 300 quarry members. Tonight, when I walked in Crowley Park in Richardson, the DIY show fellow discussed dealing with mold on cottage walls and the difficulty of removing moss from rooftops.

When I arrived home tonight, my wife and Beatrice were out talking to our neighbor Jack and his dog Lemon. I knew Lemon from the time he gor lost one evening, and we picked him up. I had not met Jack before, but he was a good guy. Lemon was full of excitement. Beatrice was jealous and wanted all the attention. She was a vocal advocate of my paying more attention to her. Lemon is a beagle, 3 years old, whose coat is slightly lighter colored than a stereotypical beagle.

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