Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the unearthed earth day and the hail

Friday I thought the rain over, and the severe storm warnings expiring. I stopped at Shawnee Park in Plano. Then huge drops of rain started falling, drenching me a bit. I ran back to my vehicle, laughing.

I drove north, and got caught in a brief hail storm. The news said the hail was baseball-size, but it looks a bit smaller than that to me. I do not think that any major damage was sustained.

I got an email yesterday indicating that my paperwork project for this year had achieved its goal.

Last night a major cold front moved in. The morning started a degree or two above freezing, with a chill wind blowing. I walked in Glendover Park and, after a lunch of a grilled chicken  sandwich and chili, walked in Allen Station Park.

The Earth Day celebration in a local park was marked "Canceled" because the Earth is too cold here today. I hope nobody confuses that with climate. The concert in the park was also canceled. But I read that tomorrow a classical reed concert is on at the library. I hope to go.

I have been reading about the Irish midlands lately to plan to go there someday. So I put on an Irish music radio station to listen to as I walked. The station, accessed through the TuneIn radio app, played a mix of Irish standards, Gaelic instrumentals and great American songbook songs with an Irish theme. I liked the instrumentals best, when a guitar and a fiddle and perhaps pipes played lively melodies in interesting meters. I aligned my hiking with the tempo of a song. Later I listened to a station in County Kildare which alternated Irish and American country-western-influenced songs.

We went to Market Street tonight to get some quick dinner. I had smoked turkey with two helpings of greens and a dinner roll. This was a curious day--it is predicted to be warmer at dawn than it is now.  But the weatherfolks assured us that the cold front saved us from a much worse thunderstorm yesterday. I will accept that for working purposes.

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