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Wednesday evening I found myself a bit crabby. I dislike being crabby.  I had had a pretty good day. I was at the bottom end of my target weight when I attended the Garland noon Weight Watchers meeting as a substitute for my Plano meeting that was closed on Easter Sunday.
I had a nice walk after work. I think I was just tired and letting some stress go. I am better today.

I had a vivid dream this morning of no particular symbolic or narrative interest. I was intrigued that it featured a new character in the dream who does not seem based on an acquaintance or on an amalgam of real-life people.  Another character, by contrast, was a rather out-of-place appearance by a character from the television show Chicago Fire. I rarely dream about television characters.

When I walked yesterday in Bob Woodruff Park, a woman passed me walking a Saint Bernard dog off leash. This dog came up to me in a friendly way. I reached out to pet it, but it was not interested in that. Soon it began feinting, playing that game that we called "gotcha" when the Great Danes of my childhood family did similar things. I wonder what his owner called it. She called the dog to follow her, and after a feint or two, the dog did follow her.

I walked tonight in Oak Point Park. A big mastiff on a leash was very concerned as to whether I posed a threat. I did not pose a threat. His owner used the situation as a teaching opportunity for the likable dog on the meaning of the word "sit".

Tonight I had to reconcile some figures. Part of that was correcting someone's math. But more of that was fixing a huge typo I had made on a spreadsheet. I hope that does that.


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