Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Easter 2018

Friday the 30th I worked a full day. We let our staff head home in the mid-afternoon. In the evening we ate at Holy Frijoles, where I had carne asada and shrimp.

Saturday morning I walked Beatrice in Celebration Park. Celebration Park is mostly open-air. Its turf is really springy. When our departed dog Scout was very old, I used to take her to walk there. It was a gentle place to walk. I thought Beatrice would enjoy a walk there, too. I came to this destination as a second choice. My original idea was to take her to Bonham State Park, an hour away. She and I have been there hiking twice.

But Beatrice somehow decided we must be heading to the veterinarian's office. She hates going there. She began shivering. When we drove past the turn, she figured out we were not going to the vet. I thought she's like to stay closer to home. So we took a walk in Celebration Park. She liked that.

In the afternoon, I walked in Suncreek Park. I liked seeing a Carolina Chickadee put a Tufted Titmouse in its place. Titmice are not as skilled at foraging as chickadees, and often follow them. But I never saw a chickadee give the Titmouse a bit of come-uppance. I loved seeing the armadillo near the end of my hike.

Saturday night we went to the Taiwanese sushi place. We had sushi rather than Taiwanese food. It was a great meal. The people who work there are always very nice to us.

Sunday morning we slept too late for the sunrise Easter service. We went to First UMC for the 8:15. This proved a very good choice. The Easter program was a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Late Sunday morning I walked in Allen Station Park. I saw the last of the Winter sparrows, but none of the Spring migrants. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Sunday afternoon we drove to Plants and Planters. The nice woman there told my wife Saturday that they have to water on Easter anyway, so they might as well be open. We got a tree-form plant whose name escapes me. But it looks good.

Sunday night the weather turned chilly. We had thought about watching the live "Jesus Christ: Superstar" performance on television. But we watched "Call the Midwife" instead. I fell asleep soon thereafter, to a night of quick dreams and repeated but not unpleasant wakeful moments.

During the course of the weekend, I got some necessary family paperwork matters handled, and some useful work matters addressed. I have more to do, but I am pleased by what I got done. I will get more done in April.

Today I had a matter in downtown Dallas. My preparation went until too late to safely take the train from the Garland station to downtown Dallas. When my matter ended, the search for my car in the parking lot reminded me of why I prefer to take the train to the West End Station.

I walked this evening on the Hoblitzelle Trail. I saw a sleek, large-ish Bobcat cross the path, but my only pictures were of a House Finch.

Tonight I ate a grilled chicken sandwich and chili from Wendy's. Now I am watching an episode of "The Flash".

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