Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rainy bunting

A heavy rain caused me to wear the long coat my sister-in-law gave me years ago over my suit. I think of a vacation we took in Scotland a few years ago when I wear it, as I used this coat to avoid heavy Summer rains.

I drove to the Bankruptcy Court in Plano. I do not want to discuss my work, because I like to avoid discussing client matters. But I can discuss some of the other lawyers who appear in bankruptcy court. I admire the folks who help ordinary consumers with their bankruptcy issues. This is work that is not particularly lucrative, requires specialized knowledge, and requires a lot of legwork and follow-up. There is little glamor in doing consumer bankruptcy work. But those men and women who do help people keep homes or escape deep pits of debt.

In the evening, I drove to the Audubon Society meeting. The teaching part of the meeting dealt with warbler identification, which is a timely topic. I liked the pictures of our 19 most common warblers. This year
migration is just getting underway--I have seen 2 of the 19 so far.

Austin College Professor Wayne Meyer gave an interesting talk on his research into Painted Bunting songs and the mystery of why male Painted Buntings wait until the second year of adulthood to don the full color feathers. Austin College is a small liberal arts school 40 miles north of here. Our society helps fund his research. He gave an interesting talk. I liked that when the meeting was over, and they asked for help folding the chairs onto chair stack devices, everyone immediately folded a few, making the job a group effort.

kix cereal and skim milk
broccoli beef, string bean chicken and mixed vegetables
chicken tenders and a fruit cup

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