Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

primary day

I got up early this morning. I drove to the Allen Independent School District Service Center. When I walked in the door of the service center, I saw two signs. One sign pointed right, and said Republicans. One sign pointed left and said Democrats. I went left.

The two pollworkers checked me in promptly. One person was ahead of me. A woman checked my driver's license. She asked if I was there for the Democratic side. I told her yes. She gave me a card. I signed the form--fourth person to vote. I went to the voting machine.

I had done my research so I knew for whom  I wished to vote.  i cast my ballot and headed back to my car. It took a total of eight minutes to vote.
After a good day of work, I stopped by Schell Park for a walk. I listened to a podcast called Linux Action News.

Tonight I watched "NCIS". Now we are watching "This is Us".

purple corn flakes and skim milk
trout, vegetables, apple slaw
turkey patties, broccoli

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