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creeper and the 3 extra points

The promised rain came today, but in strict and light moderation. At Noon I was able to walk in Breckinridge Park.  I saw my first Brown Creeper of the year, creeping, as they do, up a tree.  But the best images I got were of a Chipping Sparrow:

Chipping Sparrow, Breckinridge Park, 2 27 2018

I worked a solid day, then went to Audubon Society. The pre-talk presentation was about Corvids and Cuckoos.

The speaker was David Sarkozi. I read his weblog last year in which he toured Texas, spotting 504 discrete species in a single year. Tonight he spoke on the 34 monocystic species--species who are the only representative of their genus. Of these, the Osprey was the only bird I regularly see (in migration each Spring or Fall). But they all looked great, far-flung though they turned out to be. He gave a good lecture.

Two odd Weight Watchers stories. Weight Watchers is all about assigning points values to foods and budgeting them in a healthy way across daily eating.  If one is in a given range, then one earns a "blue dot" from the app. I usually earn mostly blue dots. This month, I had 25 blue dots for 25 days. But last night I accidentally ate 1 point too many for the blue dot range. My perfect month was blown. But I revel in my imperfections. The other odd little thing was the tale of the Chicken Express french fries. For some reason, they showed up in the points tracker as an improbably low 2 points. They are cooked in a super-hot oil and thus are not very greasy. But tonight they jumped up to 5, which I suspect is a proper jump.  They tasted better at 2 points than at 5.

Tomorrow the rains supposedly return.

corn flakes and skim milk
mixed vegetables, broccoli beef, string bean chicken
fried catfish, french fries, green beans, a roll

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