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A stark entry into the 21st Century--a High Tech Poll

I tend to resist learning anything practical. I am much more apt to memorize trivia about faiths in which I do not believe than I am to learn how to make my DVD player work. Therefore, I have always hitherto used "low tech" questions in lieu of the LJ poll mechanisms. But tonight I realized that I wished to try my hand at a poll. I have set the poll so that anyone can play, but that only I can see the answers (assuming I have done it correctly). I keep anonymous comments enabled, so I do not believe one has to be an LJ user to fill out the poll. Nobody has to feel bashful, as I know it is an irritation sometimes to answer open-ended questions in public.

As with all such polls, I ask a series of questions primarily for my own sense of fun. I am sorry that I was not able to generate a quiz which might tell the reader whether s/he is really Lerner & Loeb, Leopold & Loeb or Siegried & Roy, but we must take our steps into a new era one step at a time. In any event, here is my simple poll, in which I hope to discover information to enhance my LJ experience:

Poll #85409 Customize My Content, Customize your Comments

What topic would you like to see covered in a journal entry?

If we met in person, what would we discuss?

Which of your post topics do you wish received more detailed comments?

Who from your friends list should I read who is not on my friends' list?

If you had one wish, to be used on yourself alone, what would you wish for?

In what way is your journal most misunderstood?

The best type of gingerbread man is:

a thick doughy one
wafer-thin and ginger-tart
neither too fat nor too thin
a ginger pig, as all men are
may I have chocolate chip, please?

Many thanks, in advance, for allowing me to know you a bit better.
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