Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rain and calm

Though the weather forecast heralded a cooler Friday, Friday was not so bad. After work, I walked in Breckinridge Park. I like this park in Winter, when it is lightly populated and Winter sparrows and ducks abound.

After I watched a White-Throated Sparrow nearby, a co-worker called about a work matter. I walked in the chilly weather and discussed it with my co-worker.sout

Friday evening we went to NoSoo, a sushi and hibachi restaurant in Allen. We each enjoyed our meals--I had hibachi shrimp while my wife had hibachi salmon. There was no teppenyaka performance as in the showy chains. We just got plates of good food.

Saturday morning the rain came. We got half an inch. We watched television while it fell. I liked seeing the east Texas town of Jacksonville on the show "The Daytripper".  "The Daytripper" is one of at least two shows that surveys small Texas towns--it is the Texas version of what Huell Howser used to do so well in "California's Gold".  Jacksonville is in that part of east Texas which is "more the south" than Dallas, just as Fort Worth, though only an hour away, is "more the west" than Dallas.  The visit to a soul food restaurant was very mouth-watering.

By coincidence, Sandra Brown's "Places to Love" covered the Texas Hill Country, and in partpluicular Fredericksburg. We vacationed there in 2000, so the sights and scenes felt warmly familiar.

I had fried catfish, fries and green beans at Chicken Express for lunch.

I walked in Brockdale Park by Lake Lavon.  It was nearly deserrted. One man launched his bass boat as I walked. I saw lots of birds. A Cooper's Hawk in what I feel must be breeding plumage--she has  beautifully-articulated brown feathers.  Based upon reading about [personal profile] zyzyly; taking photos with his lensball, I had bought a very inxpensive one on eBay. I enjoyed taking my first pictures with it of the lake and the cedar trees. I learned upon doing so that it inverts the images.

Afterward, I walked Beatrice in Glendover Park. She enjoyed getting out into what was now a sunny day.

This evening we went to Bonefish Grill for a dinner.  We exchanged Valentine's Day cards. I ate a steak and shirmp with broccoli and asparagus. We went home after dinner, where we watched the final episode of "Foyle's War". I am glad we watched them in sequence, and watched many of the "back story" videos.   I will miss seeing new episodes. I wish I had the gift for saying as much with few words as Michael Kitchens.

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