Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Cold Week-end

Friday I got a lot of work done. Friday night we dined at Firewater.  I had eaten fairly lightly for breakfast and lunch, so I had a 12 oz. sirloin for dinner.

The weather forecast advised that a cold front was moving in late morning Saturday. I planned to get up early to get out and walk before the cold weather moved in. But the front arrived early. I started my early morning walk before 9 a.m., to find that the temperature was already plummeting.

I walked for a good while in Glendover Park. I saw there my first Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker of the year. 
Then I drove to our dog's vet's office to get a prescription for her weight-stabiity food. I drove to PetSmar and used the prescription to get a card.  A card is necessary to buy this food, as apparently prescription dog food requires a prescription.

After a lunch of a chicken breast, french fries and green beans at Chicken Express, I walked in Russell Creek Park in Plano. I walked around the pond, and enjoyed it, but found the weather very cold.

In the afternoon, I worked on some papers for family business. I made a lot of progress, but wish to make more progress. In the evening, my wife went to have dinner and a movie with a former co-worker. I had picked up some things to prepare for dinner. I used my hotpot to prepare catfish, shrimp, broccoli and chayotte squash. It all came out pretty good.

Sunday morning I hiked the Chisholm Trail near Rainier Drive. At Weight Watchers, I was down a little. I have held my weight for a good while now. I seem to have the hang of it--supplemented by weekly meetings, various apps, and a lot of focus on what I eat.

After Weight Watchers, I headed to Oak Point Park. There the park lake is lined with sidewalks. The temperature was 2 degrees C. below zero. I hesitated over whether to take a walk at first, as a little sleet began to fall. But I resolved to walk the mile around the pond. I was glad I did so. I saw a Savannah Sparrow, my first of the year. I also got some fun photos of an Eastern Bluebird by the lake.

At church the Reverend Jessica Wright gave a fine sermon. I thought about the hymn "What a Friend", which is often recorded as a treachly "old time religion" gospel tune,but it really has a simple directness that I like.

After church, ate at the Subway sandwich shop.  I walked in Allen Station Park. The cold had relented a bit, but it was still quite cold. In the late afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park. I saw an American Kestrel dive-bomb toward a bird, but draw back unfulfilled.  Even though the sun was out, I still found the cold pervasive. After my walk, I stopped by the public library, and got a new library card. My old one had apparently gone off system. When I go to the library, I usually read magazines rather than check out a book. I am glad to get my card renewed. I am with a song from the children's television show "Arthur"--"having fun isn't hard if you have a library card".

Now we are watching "Victoria" on PBS.

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