Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

culinary simplicity

Today I tried two experiments.

The first experiment involved trying out my ceramic egg microwave cooker. This worked out pretty well. The eggs were not attractive like a cooking show but they tasted good. I ate them with blueberries and a banana.

The second experiment involved my little Sunbeam hotpot. I stopped at Market Street, bought boneless chicken breast, potatoes, a stick of broccoli, and a zucchini. I tried out my new manual spiralizer. I found spiral zucchini easy-to-create. I know that the "in" thing is to make the spiralized zucchini a substitute for pasta. But I imagined making Chicken Noodle Soup.

Tonight I made something simpler. I used the hotpot to make a chicken boil. I brought the water to a boil I did not use any exotic broth, but instead just a bit of bouillon cube. When I had prepared a plateful of fixings, I seasoned it all with a bit of sea salt and some pepper. It all tasted really good, especially with the single sourdough roll I got at Market Street.

Cold weather returned today. I elected not to go to the park, but instead to walk to lunch at Potbelly. I like the TKY sandwich with vegetable soup and baked chips. After work I walked in Schell Park a bit, to get my steps in.

My work day went pretty well today.  I was pleased to hear our firm associate is about to leave for Disney World.

I was pleased to talk to my sister this afternoon.

The stock market took a dramatic fall. On another front, the president made yet another set of absurd statements.

We enjoyed last night's episode of "This is Us".  Tonight I listened to an album for which I wrote release notes for its small label release

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