Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

4 and an eclipse

Monday I got some important things done, but not as many things as I hope to do. At l.unch I stopped in Half-Priced Books. I bought used books on travel. I find myself interested in the midwestern cities and in Boise.

Tuesday I walked in Breckinridge Park. I took lots of pictures of a White-Throated Sparrow.  This particular one had a brown stripe on its head. I read how brown stripe White-Throated Sparrows only mate with white-stripe White-Throated Sparrows. This apparently is caused by chromosomes. An article or two referred to the phenomenon as "four sexes". I like that particular species of sparrow because of its yellow lore.

Wednesday we woke up early to watch the lunar eclipse. I was pleased and surprised when it turned out to be visible from our bedroom window.. I took pictures as it progressed.  It faded behind a house just  beforei it went full. I loved seeing it.

Tonight I ate turkey loaf and mashed potatoes.

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