Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Dali and CD

Friday evening we ate sandwiches and enjoyed an evening indoors.

Saturday I got up early and walked in the below-freezing weather. I decided to focus on the local park near my house, Glendover Park. Last year I tried to focus on my home county for my outings, and to focus on paths near my home. This year I decided to make sure that I focus on the parks nearest my home. 

I dressed in multiple layers. Sometimes the breeze came and felt quite chilly. But I saw lots of birdlife. While I usually follow a prescribed course around the little park pond, I varied my path to circle around a few times, to get in more steps.

My wife and I decided to drive to the town of Arlington, a small city between Dallas and Fort Worth.  We had read that an exhibition of woodcut prints of Salvador Dali's "Divine Comedy" was on exhibition there. My wife had originally had Saturday plans.  When those changed, we decided to head to the Arlington Museum of Art.

We arrived near the museum near lunchtime. We stopped at a hamburger place called The Grease Monkey. This place turned out to be very good. I could order a chicken sandwich with a whole wheat bun, and decorate it myself.  That went well with some sweet potato waffle fries.

I had never visited the museum before. Though it was walking distance from the burger place, we drove the short way over. When we arrived, we saw a Red-Tailed Hawk atop a roof. I took its picture.

The museum was interesting. I liked its approach. Rather than maintain a permanent collection, its hosts only traveling exhibitions. The Dali display was very interesting. We walked from the Inferno pieces through the Purgatorio pieces and through the Paradiso pieces.  I liked the pieces very much.

We stopped by A T & T stadium to see if we could take the art tour. But the art tour at this football stadium only runs on certain days. We elected not to take the general tour.  We will wait until we can see the art.

We drove to Forever Young, the nearby huge music store.  It is a massive warehouse of CDs, DVDs, LPs, cassettes, and 45s. I like to browse there. I did not choose to buy anything, but my wife bought a box set of the Dave Brubeck time CDs. We listened to one on the way home.

We went to Subway for sandwiches for dinner. Now we are watching the first of the "Foyle's War" Cold War episodes.

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