Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

snow flakes maybe

The weather predicted that Tuesday and Wednesday would be warm-ish. But they prove to be chllly-ish. I walked in Travis Farm Park on Tuesday and in Timbers Nature Preserve on Wednesday. My Collin County bird count is up to 40.

I like a bit of cold in January. Tomorrow we even have a chance of snow or sleet. I am all good with snow, but less good with sleet. The front is in Nebraska now, but will move off those plain down to us.

January is very busy at work. I'm glad to stay busy. I want to get everything done.

My wife made a delightful turkey chili upon which we dined the last two evenings. My breakfasts were Cascadian Honey O's with milk. I lunched on day on a ham sandwich and one day on 2 slices of buffet pizza and salad.

I want to see the movie "Paddington II'.

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