Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

beaversary 12

Today we marked the twelfth Bea-versary. We adopted our dog Beatrice at SPCA of Texas on this day in 2006.  I remember parts of that January Sunday as if it were yesterday. The little puggle dog who looked almost all back when we got her now has a white muzzle and white feet. She's still a grand dog.

When I got home, I saw that my laptop had five "important updates". I installed them. These are likely the updates to deal with the two vulnerabilities that have been addressed in tech news lately--the Spectre and Meltdown issues. I had seen tweets that suggested that they had been pushed through the Debian system a day or three ago. I was glad to see them reach my distro. I know some users are expected to see slowdowns from the fixes, but my use cases are so relatively non-intensive I doubt I will see much change.

My wife is at a monthly club meeting tonight. I got dinner at Dickey's BBQ. Now I am watching the NCAA football division 1 playoff game. I worry that football needs to address its concussion/brain injury issues. But  for now I am still a watcher.

At lunch I walked in Breckinridge Park. I saw a goodish few birds.  I continue to list what I see as I walk, and then enter the list into Last year, I had more lists than anyone in Collin County, though I was only 12th or so in number of species seen. This year, though, I start my year in 5th place in checklists prepared. I hope this means that lots of people are going to turn in lots of lists.I believe this will help the quality of data on ebird.  So far I have 10 checklists and 37 species in my county this month. The leading fellow, Mike Cameron, is the Audubon Society president and a good guy. He already has 24 lists and 76 species. I will not reach 76 species until April or May.

cascadian honey o's cereal and skim milk
3 fresco soft chicken tacos
turkey, bbq sauce, roll and green beans

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