Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Unwanted change

The cold endured into the morning. I dressed in four layers to go to work. I enjoyed being full-time back in my office. I got a lot done, though I would have liked to get even more done.

At lunch I walked in Travis Farm Park in Murphy, the little park which is largely just a few trees, and open field, and a little playground equipment. I was the only human there in this cold, of course. When I arrived, I saw the two Red-Tailed Hawks from the fields next door standing on the huge bare dead tree. I was pleased to see them. Then I saw that the field next door was plowed up  by machinery. Apparently, it will be housing.

I felt a little heart-broken. I liked that the hawks had that huge agricultural field. Of course, they can hunt mice and rabbits in Travis Farm Park. Also, there are city parks and nature preserves nearby. The hawks can re-locate if they wish. But I liked things the way they were. I understand that folks need houses, and that open fields sometimes get sub-divided. But I'd rather it not be this field, this time.

The field was not pristine. Many years ago, someone plowed up lovely wild prairie and terraformed it into farm land. This latest step was just the next step. I hope the hawks find a congenial way to Winter.

I ate soft tacos for lunch, after having Kix cereal for breakfast. Tonight we are having chicken soup.

I wandered after work in a Wal-Mart, hunting for electric smokers but buying bananas and dog treats. I got two boxes of the mini-size dog bones. Beatrice like these mini-bones the best. The box has a picture of a sheltie.

In the check-out lane, I stood behind a father and a twelve-year-old daughter. She had a sky blue bicycle. I liked the look of this Kent bicycle--7 gears and coaster brakes. I complimented them on the bicycle. The father said "thank you", perhaps pleased to have the confirmation of a wise choice. The price tag on the bicycle was 69 dollars--a nice sale price.

I came home to see my wife and Beatrice. My wife took today off. She gets favorable vacation days at the bank at which she works. She took Beatrice for a walk, where they saw the beagle Lemon and his owner Jack.  Lemon is a cheerful soul.

I am re-watching the PBS show about Snow monkeys.

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