Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

christmas in kansas

Saturday morning I caught a shuttle to Love Field. When I checked in for my flight, I got through security in no time. Then I realized my suitcase was sufficently large that I needed to check my bag. I misplaced my license during the machine portion of the check-in. A couple with their young daughter picked it up by mistake, and restored it to me.

When I landed at the Kansas City Airport, I found that things were much colder than cold north Texas. I took an early afternoon walk for 90 minutes in Mission Hills and Prairie Village. I enjoyed the walk. In the early evening, my wife's family had a get-together at her step-mother's house. I really enjoyed it. I had a nice chat with nearly everyone, and wish I had been more outgoing to the few I missed. I am not a very outgoing person, though I often feel an outgoing fondness not matched by any social grace.

Saturday night an inch of snow fell. I walked to small Hiawasee Park on Sunday morning. I liked seeing the White-Throated Sparrows on Overhill Drive. Sunday at Noon my wife and I went to the Brookside Shopping Area. We had lunch at Michael Forbes. My meal was a great pot roast soup. We looked in the neat science and toy shop. We looked in a clothes store with lots of fair trade items. I bought two small ocarinas. We enjoyed our afternoon, though a chill wind and a deeply cold day made the outdoors segments a bit fresh-airy. 

Monday at Noon we gathered with my wife's sister's family, my wife's stepmother, and my wife's other niece, for the ritual opening of presents and eating of coffee cake. Monday at 2 p.m. my wife's step-mother's family arrived for Christmas, with lots of kids opening presents, great tenderloin, grits and salad, and an adorable 3-year-old named Reese who sang her heart out into a college kid's gift "karaoke mic" (a microphone with reverb and delay features which added a theatricality to singing).

Tuesday the temperature was minus twelve Celsius, and more snow fell. We caught our afternoon plane in good order.  I had yet another license-went-missing-but-soon-found incident, involving completely different facts. A Super Shuttle ferried us home. It is cold here, but far less cold than in Kansas City.

We went to dinner at Holy Frijoles, where the chicken fajitas were good but I ate a few tortilla chips more than I originally planned.

This evening I finished the ebook novel by Rod Val Moore called "Brittle Star". I liked this novel, which was in plot format in the science fiction genre but in execution more of a light novel of ideas. I began this novel on November 10th, which means I spent some 46 days on a 503 page ebook. That is not an impressive-per-day reading output. Yet this book proved to be one of those I basically liked, but did not cause me to turn pages rapidly.

We watched a PBS program which discussed the Spanish, French, English and American colonization of Florida. The stories were interesting, though the non-admirable behavior of so many over so many years was discouraging.

I learned this weekend of a death of someone I have known via work for a long time--a good soul. I was sorry to hear of this news.

This week the cold is predicted to be positively December-like.


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