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grilled tilapia tales

Saturday morning I drove my car to Car Care Central. An engine light was on, and it needed routine maintenance as well. When I arrived at 8:15, the good fellow behind the counter advised me they would know the car's issues in an hour or so. I told him that rather than wait, I would walk on the nearby park trail. I gathered my camera and binoculars. I accidentally left my pen and small pad in my car. So I went to Wal-Greens and bought pens and a small note pad.

I walked for over 90 minutes on the trail, in weather closer to cold than to cool. I saw lots of birds, which I listed on my pad. I got a few nice pictures. I had a client call me on my cell with a pressing need. That rarely happes on a Saturday morning. But I was able to address it as I walked.

When I got back to Car Care Central, my car was not yet ready. I had a seat in the waiting room. At 11:15, I inquired as to progress on my car. The good fellow said "they were working on my estimate".  The working on one's estimate, I find, is rarely a  good sign.

But in the event, the estimate dealt mostly with deferred maintenance items like spark plugs, and only partially with repair-type items. The estimate was nonetheless a bit larger than I have hoped. I have been very fortunate with this car, though--I was happy to agree to pay the charges, as overall I have "gotten off cheaply" on this car over the years I have had it.

It turned out my car would not be ready until the afternoon. Fortunately, they had shuttle service. A young man drove me home. When I got home, I took Beatrice for a walk. She enjoyed it, and walked briskly in the now-cool-rather-than-cold weather.

In the late afternoon we met our friends Scott and Donna for dinner. We went to Earls at Legacy North. Earl's is a Canadian chain with a new Texas outlet. Our reservations were very early--4:30 p.m.  The restaurant had advised it was "booked up". But it turned out that it did not get busy until 6 p.m.  When we arrived at the restaurant, in a new shopping area, we were dealing with pouring rain. We parked in a garage that was a goodish walk from the restaurant. I left my rain jacket in the car. It was chilly in my sport coat. It was good to get indoors.

We enjoyed our meal with Scott and Donna. They are such nice people. I had a steak and shrimp.  I shared a bite of two of my wife's Key Lime Pie, and a smaller touch of this toffee and chocolate pudding and ice cream dessert that Scott and Donna ordered.

We went to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco to see the movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas". We all liked the movie.  I had been concerned that it would be an over-earnest bio,but was pleased when the one was much more fanciful.

Sunday morning I walked on the Chisholm Trail. At Weight Watchers I lost a little. This static result was encouraging, as it suggested the upward points adjustment I had adopted to avoid a larger weight loss hit the nail on the head. My wife and I went to church together. The seminary student who hopes to be a Navy chaplain spoke to us about rules that don't matter and rules that do, taking as her scriptural source a passage from Phillipians.

After church, we ate at Mom's Cafe. I liked my grilled tilapia, vegetable soup, and navy beans. I was pleased that the new Weight Watchers points scheme made the fish and beans "free" of rationed points.

In the afternoon, I walked in Allen Station Park. I also walked in a new place, the Cottonwood Greenbelt in Allen. I saw some handsome dogs, including a very sporty pit bull.

I picked us up some El Pollo Loco. It was very good. I watched the local sports team win a kind of miracle victory in a football game, after the other team lost its way on the next to last play of the game.

Monday I got to work in good order, on a day back closer to cold than cool. I am very busy this week, which I like and yet notice. I am worried about a matter collateral unconnected for which I hope for the best. I ate lunch at Potbelly, and then browsed in World Market. 

Monday evening after work I browsed in Best Buy in Plano. I saw lots of cool things, and bought nothing.

A few observations:
a. marketing televisions by turning up bad classic metal soundtracks fails to impress me; I learned that lots of folks are made at Mozilla, but did not sort out the why too well;
c. I like to think about gingerbread
d. I am all for Charles Dickens
e. perhaps I will get a tablet in the coming year

cereal and skim milk
chicken breast sandwich and baked chips
steak, shrimp, green beans, mashed potatoes

cereal and skim milk
grilled tilapia,green beans, navy beans and vegetable soup
grilled chicken, corn tortillas, broccoli, beans

cereal and skim milk
turkey sandwich, baked chips, vegetable soup
grilled chicken, corn tortillas, beans

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