Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I filled out the remainder of my work cards. I was glad to get them out. I did the first wave of my personal holiday cards, but still have several more to fulfill.

At lunch I went to the Wylie post office. I stood in a line 12 persons long. I wanted to mail three holiday cards to three different foreign countries. I also bought some holiday stamps with illustrations of a child playing on a sled on the snow.

I was pleased to find that folks were very helpful at the post office. I liked stamps.

We ate at Holy Frijoles for dinner. It is a comfortable and friendly casual place.

I shopped on-line for numerous gifts. What a great thing on-line shopping can be.

I wanted to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" all the way through again, but my wife switched us out to "Shark Tank".

I must send out some more cards. I am nearly done shopping, but must do some wrapping. I take my car to the shop tomorrow morning, because an engine light came on. I hope it means "routine check-up now" and not "car about to blow up".

oats n honey cereal and skim milk
turkey sandwich on wheat and baked chips
2 chicken enchiladas verde, refried beans

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