Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

walking and shopping

I stayed up late last night watching the noir movie "The Lady in the Lake". I enjoyed seeing Audrey Totter, who I learned was described as one of the definitive B-movie "bad girl" actresses in noir films. Robert Montgomery gave Phillip Marlowe an interesting interpretation.

I got up early for cereal and milk, but then went back to sleep. I set out at 9:25 a.m. to drive to Princeton Community Park. Princeton is a little town 25 minutes from here with a big open-field park that used to be a WWWII prison camp for German prisoners of war.

As I walked in the back reaches of this park, a friendly black labrador retriever ran up to me. I normally disapprove of dogs in parks off leashes, but this dog proved charming. I petted the dog, whose name, it transpired, was Nova.

Her owner said "don't jump, don't jump", because Nova shows her affection in hopping ways. I thought Nova a charming dog.

A medivac helicopter flew overhead. I saw a dozen different species of bird. The morning went from chilly and windy to less chilly and windy.

I drove next to Brockdale Park, on Lake Lavon. I saw few birds here. I liked seeing the waves on the lake. A woman sat atop her vehicle looking out across the lake. I thought at first she was watching for eagles, but I decided that she was enjoying a lake, a smoke, and a chill wind.

I stopped at CiCi's pizza buffet for lunch.

I stopped in the Joe Farmer Recreation Center to see if I saw any holiday gifts at the arts and crafts special one-day market. I saw lots of interesting things, but no gifts.

I walked a bit in nearby Bethany Lakes Park. Then I drove to Suncreek Park, to walk on the Trail at the Woods. I listened to the Division Two semi-final championship football game between Harding University and Texas A & M Commerce on the radio as I walked.

I picked up my holiday cards, which came out fine. I went home and took Beatrice for a walk. She really enjoyed it.

I got a lot of holiday shopping done on-line.

We ate at Fishmonger's, where I had grilled catfish. Then we went to Barnes & Noble,where we got some gifts for the teen contingent of my wife's extended family.

In all, I walked ten miles and a bit today.

cereal and skim milk
2 slices pepperoni pizza, carrots, dill pickles
grilled catfish and tilapia, red beans and rice, dry salad.

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