Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dog and phony show

The cold dug in a bit today, carving out a nice foothold. The temperature was chilly enough but the wind chill was the clincher. At lunch I walked in Travis Farm Park.   I drove up, I saw a young coyote walking through this small park. I  took pictures of the fellow off in the fairly modest distance.

The coyote appeared to have a goodish touch of mange,though not the serious version I have seen in other local coyotes in the past. The coyote saw me taking his picture, slipped into the weeds, and headed into the pasture next door. Two Red-Tailed Hawks hovered in mid-air. Thirteen Cedar Waxwings perched in a tree, eating fruit.

After work I went to pick up my cell phone. I wanted to upgrade from my 4.4 Android phone to something with the 7.0 version of Android. My Motorola Droid Maxx worked well for me, but it had stopped getting security updates in 2016. I hope the day comes when Android phones feature long-term security support.

My theory is that smart phones have advanced enough that one need not get top-end hardware to have a really satisfying experience. So I went for a mid-range phone this time. I chose the Samsung J7, a phone a step above the budget phones but several steps below the top-of-the-line phones. Its CPU and other specs, though, show a marked improvement over my Droid Maxx. So far it seems about the same, though I have to get used once more to where Samsung puts the various buttons.

The fellow at the Verizon reseller helped me activate the phone. The photos migrated well, but the apps did not do so well.I had expected the opposite, which would have been less optimum.  I will figure out the apps I want to re-install. So far I think I have gotten the essential ones.

A hard freeze arrives tonight,  I suppose this will mark the end of my milkweed flowers, which lasted a long time.

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