Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

santa winks out

Last night the rain fell. It was a welcome visitor after so many ideal days. Ideal days are not ideal. Winter warm days in profusion can lead to drought here. The temperature fell overnight. I was interested to see that the solar power holiday lights came through the heavy rain. The tiny Santa winked out, but tonight it was back on. It's a short-termer, this Santa, which comes and goes.

The weather today turned chilly and windy. I walked at lunch around the pond. I saw Green-Winged Teal ducks in the pond. I wondered if they were my first Green-Winged Teals of the year. But I saw in my records that I first saw them in the same park in January.

I saw two American Kestrels in the open field by the parking lot. One stood on a mound of dirt. Another stood on a sign. A woman walked past me, dressed in heavier clothes than I was dressed in. Because I dress in many layers, I complimented her on being properly dressed, as so often I find myself the only heavily over-layered person in the cold.

The cold wasn't really cold. It only seemed cold after yesterday's record high.

I stopped in a Fry's electronics store for a micro-SD card after work. I could probably have gotten one cheaper at MicroCenter, but it was a longer drive.  Early this morning, I got a bit of Christmas shopping done on-line. I have more shopping to do.

I had a long chat with my sister on the phone. I read a little in the novel I am reading.

This afternoon I read the transcript of the Masterpiece Cake Shop argument in the United States Supreme Court. It will be a close decision, based upon the positions I read as expressed.

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