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ensign of faith

I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano in the early morning today. I found that I had gained two and a half pounds at Weight Watchers. I usually like to stay within a 2 pounds up/2 pounds down band, so I will pay better attention next week.

The leader introduced a new wrinkle on the program called Freestyle. It sounded pretty good, but like any change in the points rationing situation, I will have to sort out how best to "game it" (i.e., work out how I can eat things I enjoy). The new changes make more things "free" but reduce one's daily points. It's part of an ongoing trend to reward fat-free proteins and punish sugary sweets.

The seminary student speaking at church today was a woman in her mid-thirties who went back to school to enter the ministry. She had just been sworn in as an ensign in the Navy, as her hope is to become a Navy chaplain. This process apparently takes time even beyond divinity school. She gave a thoughtful sermon on Psalms 139.

In the early afternoon, I walked in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I saw some 9 bird species, including most of the usual suspects. This late November has been less sparrow-y than usual. But the very warm weather may be part of the story.

In the mid-afternoon, I stopped by Big Lots. I picked up eight solar-powered Christmas lights, and a solar-powered Santa and a solar-powered snowman. I like residential Christmas light displays, but never wanted the expense, wiring hassle, energy consumption or mild risk of a full-fledged electrical light display.  This low-key solar approach seemed to me a useful alternative. I found it all easier than easy to install. Tonight the lights are showing, though they are hardly a major display. Perhaps I will see about getting a solar-powered snowflake projector on eBay.

My brother dropped off some Carolina Cookie Company gingerbread men. My wife and I split one. It was delicious.

I had meant to go to the local Verizon store to get my next cell phone. But I noticed it closed at 6, so I decided to walk Beatrice instead. I'll go later, probably later this week.

We watched a retrospective special about the Carol Burnett show.

purple corn flakes, skim milk
turkey lettucewich, baked chips
grilled chicken breast and wing, corn, green beans, 1/4 of a biscuit

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