Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Houston sojourn

I got up early this morning. I ate breakfast in the hotel breakfast room. My eggs and fresh fruit were good. I walked the 9/10th of a mile from my hotel to the place where I had a business appointment. I thought I'd made a poor choice to walk when I saw the street sign for the 6400 block but I was going to an address in the 700 block. But a change of this and that in the streetery meant that I jumped from 6300 to 900, and the walk proved easy.

The place I was going was closed when I got there, as I was early. I stood in front, watching House Finches, Blue Jays, European Starlings and a Northern Mockingbird play in the small trees overhead. My business matter lasted from the morning into the late afternoon. I went for lunch to El Tiempo, which someone called the best Mexican place in Houston. I liked its old-fashioned feel. I felt I had been there before, but it may just be that I have been to places like El Tiempo in other cities. Every city in Texas, more or less, has at least one old-time, well-done Tex-Mex place like that place.

When I finished my work, I caught a cab to the hotel where my bus would depart at 7:30 p.m.  I checked my bags with the hotel. Then  I walked across the way to Pappas BBQ. I like the way that downtown Houston is a bit like a larger-city downtown, with some activity. I liked my BBQ turkey.  I went back to the hotel, caught my bus, and am riding back home now. I will not get to my house until a bit after midnight, but I enjoy the comfort of the bus,  I like lots of leg-room and easy wi-fi.

breakfast: scrambled eggs and fruit
lunch ;2 soft chicken verde tacos, tortilla chips, refried beans
dinner: turkey BBQ, ranch beans, green beans

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