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ladybird and addie

At 8 a.m. I arrived at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I walked there for the better part of half an hour.. I wanted to get some photos of Yellow-Rumped Warblers. I achieved my intention.

I also met an Irish Setter named Addie. She was nine months old. Her owner was a nice man perhaps a few years my junior. He explained how friendly his dog Addie was. I thought Addie was very friendly, too. The man told me that migrating ducks had arrived in profusion at the pond. I told him that I agreed--I had seen Lesser Scaup and Northern Shovelers in profusion. He was impressed that I knew the species names. I hope I get to see Addie again. I should have taken her picture. I noticed that the leaves had fallen at the park--that would have been a good picture too. Perhaps next year.

Work went pretty well. I walked for a few moments in Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. After work, I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano.

My wife and I went to dinner at Yama in Plano. I had sushi, while my wife had a bento box. Then we headed to the Cinemark at Legacy movie theater. We went to see Greta Gerwig's movie "Lady Bird". We loved it. I expected it to be wildly humorous in one particular way, but found it instead heart-warming in an entirely non-treachly way. I liked its loving portrayal of Sacramento.  I remember my first times in Sacramento, which looks, to a Texan, a bit like Waco with palm trees. I thought Soairse Ronan gave a great performance.

Waco has now become a tourist attraction due to the curious HGTV renovation television show "Fixer Upper". I like the show okay, though I do not tune in to it regularly, but sometimes watch its reruns. But the main thing I like about the show is that it makes the central Texas area near Waco look as lovely as I believe it is.  It's a bit like Sacramento without palm trees, but with chilly weather a few weeks in the Winter, and a bit more water most years in general. I love the non-rolling non-hills of that area, and the Brazos River.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving /Day. I feel thankful tonight.

cereal and skim milk
turkey sandwich and baked chips
eel roll, salmon roll, cucumber roll, miso soup, 1 shrimp tempura

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