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bonham day

I got on the road reasonably early today. I headed an hour northeast to Bonham State Park.  During the drive to the park, I listened to a radio program. The show featured an expert on cars who discussed which models he likes and which models he likes less well. I like these shows, even though they always have those curious referrals from the host to local car dealerships. I think the revenue model involves a cut of resulting sales. I thought about how if I ever called such a show, I'd have two questions:

a. name 3 models that have a "sweet spot" at the 2-year mark with a "sweet spot" defined as pretty good workmanship coupled with greater-than-normal value depreciation;  and
b. name your 3 favorite hybird models (this second was perhaps influenced by the host's critique of two hybrid engine models).

When I got to Bonham State Park, I found that my annual parks pass expired. I like to buy the annual state park pass, though I am not sure I save enough money to justify its purchase price. Much of my walking is at county and city parks. I got the new pass, and began to walk.

Bonham State Park features a small lake surrounded by a woodland. I wondered if I would see some Autumn color. We do not have that often here, barring a cold early Autumn, which we did not have this year. I did see a bit of color, but not huge swaths.

I walked twice around the lake.  walked under a huge kette of flying Black Vultures. I saw a flotilla of ducks buffeted by the winds of an approaching cold front. I saw the sign that said there was no vacancy at the camping sites. I saw little Winter forest birds. I walked twice around the lake. The wind was chilling, but I used the little Lake Loop Trail sections to avoid getting too cold.

I drove back south, and stopped at the Chicken Express in McKinney. I ordered 3 pieces of catfish, green beans, corn and a roll. I got my drink free because the fish took 7 minutes (actually, 15) to prepare. In the afternoon, I took Beatrice for a walk. She liked the walk, but disliked the wind.

My wife and I went to Forever Pho for pho and Summer rolls.

Then we went to the Cinemark at Legacy movie theater. We saw the movie "Wonder". We loved the movie. It was heart-warming.

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