Supergirl, the Mall Pariah and Short Tree Leaves

This morning the weather was a bit warmer but the sky remained overcast  and the air remained a bit moist. I stopped in Schell Park in Plano on  my way to work. I liked the White-Throated Sparrow I saw there.

At lunch, I went to Bradfield Park in Garland, where I shot a few seconds of video of a Downy Woodpecker.

The  news gets more surreal. A senatorial candidate from Alabama doggedly  continues to run and fund-raise, though it now appears that he was  banned from local shopping malls at one time due to a creepy propensity  to be a thirtysomething man hitting on teens.

A Dallas assistant  prosecutor lost her job after a tipsy tirade at an Uber driver. Solo  public intoxication is rarely a good idea.

I read about Autumn  leaves in Cleburne State Park. That park does have lots of fairly  small-to-medium-size trees, so it probably does look good in Fall.

We  watched the episode "Midvale" on the television show "Supergirl"  tonight. I think it was the best episode I have ever seen of that show.

We made plans to go to an upcoming Dallas Symphony performance.

This will be a busy week, but that is not a bad thing.

tropico's cereal and skim milk
roast chicken, green beans and a roll
cube steak, mixed vegetables


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