Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wednesday in the rain

The rain fell. The temperature dropped.  I worked into the early evening. I spoke to my wife, who was caught in traffic between the hotel where her bus arrived in Dallas and our home in Collin County.

The news featured stories about the curious case of the well-known Boies Schiller law firm.  The New York Times apparently used the firm as its law firm in some cases. Yet word came out that the firm served as the conduit for a client to hire a private detective agency which contracted to try to suppress the Harvey Weinstein story from appearing in the New York Times. The entire controversy sounds very troubling news about the Boies Schiller law firm. There may be explanations, but if true, it's a puzzling thing for the law firm to have done. The fact that the detective firm apparently sent a former Mossad agent to impersonate someone to seek to extract information from outspoken actress/director Rose McGowan makes the whole thing more unfortunate. The New York Times issued statements expressing its indignation. I u Cnderstood that indignation.

An election in New Jersey marked the end of the Chris Christie era.

At lunch I got a magazine and wore my rain jacket as I walked to get a sandwich.  The line was short at Potbelly's.

My dog told me to turn up the heat when I arrived home tonight.

cereal and skim milk
turkey sandwich, vegetable soup, baked chips
turkey and ham sandwich, baked chips

(lovingly copied by hand from Dreamwidth by the LiveJournal cyber-angels)

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